Your guide til to holiday in Austria
Your guide til to holiday in Austria


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Austria is known all over the world for its food art. The country has taking good care of its traditional fare, and in the mountain areas it is heavy peasant food that applies – often with the use of pork. If you come down to Vienna, it is the old cafèhus traditions that prevail, and many have probably heard of Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte.

Some recommended dishes – specialties:

  • Knoblauchchreme soup = creamy garlic soup. Recommended!
  • Gulasch soup= Eventually quite familiar here in Norway too, but often a little stronger spicy in Austria.
  • Kaisersmarren = split pancake with raisins and lots of icing sugar on it.
  • Tirolergröstl = a kind of puddle in the pan with potatoes, meat, onions and often mirror eggs. Good and mighty lunch!
  • Cordon Bleu = Wienerschnitzel of pork, but filled with cheese and ham.
  • Geschnetzeltes = A kind of casserole dish with relatively light and mild sauce.
  • Bauernsmaus = Slices of pork, sausage, sauerkraut, knödel. As a rule, A LOT of food, but very good. A little variable recipe.
  • Knödel = A kind of dumpling used instead of potatoes. Available in several variants. Certainly with pieces of speck.
  • Speck jause (brettljause). Austria’s answer to the cured dish. Smoked speck ( a kind of cured ham) served on wooden boards with cheese+ horseradish and bread. Delicious lunch in summer or on the ski slope.

Have you seen guests who are served the food in a frying pan, as in the picture above? Wondering which dishes are served like this? Look for the word “pfandl” or “Pfandel”. A collective term for these dishes is “pfandelgerichte”, which translated into Norwegian means pan dishes.


  • Gluhwein = Warm red wine with various spices. A classic.
  • Jagatee = Hot tea based on the local Stroh room. Very special, but warms well. Relatively strong.
  • Flügerl = popular après-ski drink based on red Eristoff vodka
  • Aperol (spritzer) = Aperol is a hot wine brand and is often mixed with prosecco or mineral water. Delicious summer drink. Reminds a little of campari, but is based on apricot
  • In general, wine mixed with carbonated water or sparkling is widely used in Austria. Then called spritzer. For example, Weiss spritzer is with white wine.
  • “Obi” or Apfelsaft g’spritzt – is apple juice mixed with carbonated water. Quite well and much healthier than soda as there is no added sugar.

For those of you who love Austrian cuisine, there are several restaurants in Norway run by Austrians or that have Austrian chefs in the kitchen. We know a few, but would like tips on more!

Among other things, we can recommend “Sydvesten” in Helgeroa. Always good food, and probably Norway’s best Schnitzel,

If you have any questions about food or drink, please ask us on our facebook page.