Your guide til to holiday in Austria
Your guide til to holiday in Austria

Ski holiday

IMG_1715Skiing in Austria is something many dream of, but not everyone dares to make the step out to travel. To that there is only one thing to say: Do it!

There are many places and countries to go on a ski holiday but we would recommend you to go skiing in Austria on the basis of the following:

Austria has the nicest culture and atmosphere

Austria has the best food

Austria has the newest and most modern ski resorts and less lift queue

Austria has the best après ski

Whether you are travelling on a charter or on your own, you must of course decide for yourself, but it is not difficult to book tailored ski trip yourself. Norwegian flies directly to Salzburg during the winter season. Alternatively, you can fly to Munich. A little over an hour by taxi or car rental, you are in place in Austria. If you travel as a group we have good experience in ordering a maxitaxi. It is not expensive and very easy and straightforward. If you are 4-10 people, this will often be more affordable than other transport.