Your guide til to holiday in Austria
Your guide til to holiday in Austria

Aprés Ski

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Dampfkessel - Wikipedia

Afterski, or Après ski as it is called in Austria is a chapter for them. It all started well in Austria, and has gradually spread throughout the world. It’s all about having a drink and a little party after the ski day is done. Often this is on chalets up in , or at the bottom of the ski slope. And then, of course, alcohol is served with great creativity.
The culture probably lives strongest and has the most distinctive character in Austria. The myth that dancing on the tables is completely true. The style of music varies slightly from place to place, but most “good” places play a mix of so-called schlager music and hit list music. Schlagermusikken is German-language and sometimes remixed versions of famous folk songs, or else with catchy chorus and preferably a little extra bass.

Our list of recommended aprèsski locations in Austria:

  • Mooserwirt – St.Anton (Dj -Gerhard has played here for a number of years. Legendary!)
  • SennHütte – St.Anton – live music
  • Heustadl – St.Anton – live music
  • Hohenhaus Tenne – -Schladming – Europe’s Largest
  • Schafalm – Schladming
  • Edelweissalm – Obertauern
  • Lürzer Alm – Obertauern
  • Fire & Ice – Sölden
  • Philipp – Sölden
  • Schirmbar – Sölden
  • Patschi’s – Serfaus (Got price in 2016 for best après chalet)
  • George – Serfaus (Holder received award in 2016 for best Après ski DJ)
  • Dampfkessel – Flachau – Good show
  • Hofstadl – Flachau
  • Hinterhaag Alm – Saalbach has its own playlist for Austrian aprèsski. The list is updated regularly based on trends and input.
Visit our Spotify Aprèsski Playlist or look up at Spotify.

Want more Après Ski atmosphere home to you?

Test out the PowerplayFM web radio with famous DJs from the major locations in E.g. Ischgl and Mayrhofen,

Watch our film from Obertauern:

And here is a film we made about the place Dampfkessel in Flachau:

Or how about live music in Schladming: